3724 Valley Vista Way, Bonita, CA 91902
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Welcome to Valley Vista Elementary!

Our school is located along Sweetwater Rd. in the Sweetwater Valley, as part of the unincorporated community of Bonita, CA. Bonita is nestled among the incorporated cites of Chula Vista, National City, and San Diego. Our students come from the Bonita Valley area and the surrounding cities in the county of San Diego.

Viking's Creed:

I know I am part of what’s GREAT in our school. METAS helps me remember that I control my mindset. With EFFORT, I can accomplish anything. Thinking Critically leads me to discover and learn more. The things I do ADD VALUE to my class, my school, and my community. Everyday, I will work to be the BEST ME I can be. This builds the SELF EFFICACY that will help me succeed. I promise to act and speak with Kindness. If I see someone being hurt by others, I will tell an adult, Everyone should feel safe and happy at school. I am part of what’s GREAT about my school.

Our Mission

  • To provide rigorous instruction in all content areas to all students.
  • To ensure students engage in relevant, personalized learning experiences that integrate and develop critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication, civic responsibility, and the use of technology.
  • To promote and practice a growth mindset through embracing productive struggle as learning, relevance, and relationship building.
  • To celebrate diversity through biliteracy and multiculturalism.

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