Principal's Corner

Our Mission

  • To provide rigorous instruction in all content areas to all students.
  • To ensure students engage in relevant, personalized learning experiences that integrate and develop critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication, civic responsibility, and the use of technology.
  • To promote and practice a growth mindset through embracing productive struggle as learning, relevance, and relationship building.
  • To celebrate diversity through biliteracy and multiculturalism.

Welcome, from your Principal

Welcome to the 2023-2024 School-Year and to the home of the Valley Vista Vikings! Here, everyone is a learner and leader. Like true Vikings, we see our learning as a life-long journey that provides us opportunities to improve upon ourselves and our community. We adopted the acronym METAS because it describes our school culture and endeavors. Valley Vista provides a Multicultural Education through Arts and Sciences to every student. METAS also encompasses our Viking Virtues.

Mindset: We learn about, develop, and use our Growth Mindset to keep us moving forward

Effort: We seek out challenges and embrace the struggle of learning as a pathway to success

Think Critically: We question, wonder, and strive to understand and build upon knowledge

Add Value: We know we have the power to improve the health and happiness of our world

Self-Efficacy: We know we can accomplish great things with intention, purpose and a plan

METAS is the Spanish word for GOALS, a word that plays an essential role in our continued success as a school and as individuals. Setting goals, building action plans around them, and monitoring our progress towards them is a fundamental practice for all our learners.

We are a Spanish-English, 50:50, Two-Way, Dual Language Immersion (DLI) School.

Our Mission is to prepare our students academically, linguistically, and socially to succeed.

  • To provide relevant learning in two vital languages ensuring students attain biliteracy and a world-class multicultural education
  • To engage students in personalized learning experiences that integrate essential skills: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Civic Responsibility
  • To embrace struggle while developing and promoting a growth mindset towards learning and self-efficacy

Thank you for joining our family of learners! This is going to be a great year of learning and growing!